How to Generate Income in an Hour Using 14 Real-World Ideas

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Do you only have a few hours a day to do your work? Not a problem! Here are fourteen practical tips on how to make money in one hour!

Occasionally, unforeseen expenses or a financial crunch may force you to look for easy ways to earn extra money. Alternatively, you can be searching for quick and consistent ways to earn extra cash if your schedule is rigid and you don’t have much free time.

There are several options to earn extra money without making a long-term commitment if you have an hour to spare. Just bear in mind that creating a new source of income, which involves assembling the equipment and supplies you require or advertising any services you offer to position yourself for success, may still take some time. Let’s look at this list of 14 legitimate ways to earn money in less an hour.


1. List Your Things for Online Sale

Selling goods you no longer need or want from your house is another easy approach to earn money in an hour. It can be as easy as gathering stuff from around the house and holding a garage sale one weekend. You can also donate the products you don’t need after selling anything online or at local buyback stores.

Using Facebook Marketplace is one of the finest ways to sell things locally fast. Every day, so many individuals use this app to look for different things. Sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, and Mercari offer an ideal way to get rid of items you no longer need. If you take a fast picture and include a brief explanation, you could be able to close a few deals in an hour. Particularly popular items include jewelry, electronics, apparel, and collectibles.

2. Trade In Unused Gift Cards

Do you have any unwanted gift cards laying around? Keep them out of your wallet where they can gather dust. You may sell unwanted gift cards for cash on websites like Raise, GiftCash, or CardCash. In certain situations, these services will buy the card straight from you; in other cases, you can list the card and wait for a buyer to buy it.

Listing is a simple process that takes a few minutes to complete. Remember that you won’t receive the entire amount because these providers will deduct a portion from the card’s value. Nevertheless, it’s still a good method to convert those “what-were-they-thinking” presents into real money.

3. Independent Contractor

Making money in an hour can also be achieved by providing freelancing services, but this does include some up-front work, such as building a portfolio and contacting potential clients or applying for jobs. Popular choices include freelance writing, graphic design, and virtual help. Think about writing for a living if you have a knack for language.

Freelancers get paid by numerous internet platforms for submitting articles and blog posts. Depending on the platform and level of sophistication of the content, payments can range from a few dollars to over a hundred. High-quality writing can be ensured with the use of tools such as Grammarly.

Along with other platforms and websites like Fancy Hands, BELAY, and Time Etc., Upwork and Fiverr are two places where one can find virtual assistant jobs.

VA work can include everything from social media administration to data entry and online research. Certain VA duties pay by the hour, so a little time commitment could result in quick earnings of $20 to $45 or more. You’ll have greater control over when you work as long as you fulfill deadlines and can negotiate remuneration or set your own rates for many freelancing projects.

4. Survey Locations

Through paid surveys, businesses are continuously looking for feedback on their goods and services. Offering quick ways to earn money and other benefits for giving your opinions, websites such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Branded Surveys are good options. For quick income, this is a no-brainer—a survey can pay up to $5 and take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Register for multiple survey sites and visit them frequently to apply for survey opportunities if you want to optimize your profits. You can do surveys in any spare moment of the day, whether it be while you’re waiting for an appointment, watching television at home, or anywhere else.

5. Guidance

One-hour tutoring sessions, whether in-person or online, may often earn you $35 to $50+ per hour, depending on the subject and your level of competence. and Wyzant are two websites that can put you in touch with students looking for temporary or one-time tutoring assistance.

Another well-known website that enables you to instruct other students and make money from home is called Studypool. Studypool charges a 20% service charge when you book a client, however you can advertise your services to a large number of potential students on their site. Also, you are free to choose your own hours and charges.

6. Studies of Market Research

Paid market research studies may be available from regional institutions, online platforms, or research businesses. These could be one-time, hour-long focus groups or product testing, with payment ranging from $50 to $100. and Respondent are well-known websites for focus groups that you should check out first because you may register for free and apply to pertinent possibilities both locally and online.

Typically, the procedure is responding to a few inquiries to determine your suitability. If so, you might receive an invitation to take part in a study that pays. The remuneration is contingent upon the duration of the study; however, even a brief request for a phone interview or completion of an online questionnaire may result in a substantial payment should you accept the invitation to take part in a market research study.

7. Surveillance by Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shopping is a well-liked way to generate revenue for happiness and perception studies of customers. Mystery shoppers typically go into a store, make a purchase, and then write a report about their encounter with the staff. The amount of payment varies, however it may include up to $50 for your time and input in addition to refund for your purchase.

Join respectable organizations like Market Force or BestMark to get started. These organizations will use your availability and profile to link you with local shops. If you enjoy shopping and have a keen sense of detail, it’s a fantastic way to earn some money.

8. Work for Transcription

You might be a good fit for transcribing employment if you can type quickly. One can convert audio and video data into written text by using websites like as Rev and TranscribeMe. It’s a productive way to use your typing and listening talents to earn money, paying $15 to $25 per hour. You can work on files as little as podcasts, video clips that last for a few minutes, or even lengthy dictations and manuscripts.

Use free online typing tests such as to begin honing your typing skills. You may swiftly improve your transcription speed and generate more money in less time with a little effort.

Ways to Earn Money Offline in an Hour

9. Watching children

According to, if you’re good with kids, you may easily make $15 to $30+ per hour babysitting. To start earning some quick income, start by giving your services to neighbors, relatives, and friends. Additionally, you can market your babysitting services by setting up a profile on SitterCity and Although qualifications are a benefit, the most sought-after attributes are frequently a good reputation and experience working with children.

10. Dogs for walks

If you’re a dog lover, you can meet dog owners who are prepared to pay someone to walk their pets by using applications like Wag and Rover. If you like being outside, it’s a fun way to earn some quick cash. The pay varies, but it usually ranges from $15 to $25 per walk. You get to spend time with cute dogs, which is a huge advantage, and you may charge extra for things like pet sitting.

Like walking dogs, pet sitting has grown in popularity as a flexible from-home source of income. Pets can be left overnight at your house for a fee, or you can provide drop-in pet sitting while their families are away.

11. Yard Labor

You can make quick money by offering your services to do things like rake leaves, mow lawns, weed gardens, apply mulch, or plant flowers, especially in the spring and summer. Through apps like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack, you can find locals in your neighborhood who require assistance with yard maintenance.

Never undervalue the satisfaction that comes with maintaining a well-kept yard; this is a low-skill, in-demand job that may transform your sweat equity into quick money. Perhaps you will attract consumers who will pay you for ongoing upkeep.


12. Food Delivery

Making money from food delivery has never been easier with applications like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. As soon as you register and are accepted, you can begin accepting delivery jobs.

You should be able to make between $15 and $25 per hour during prime dinner hours. Furthermore, all of your tips are yours to keep. It’s an easy process: you take up the meal after receiving a delivery order, then you deliver it to the customer’s door. Because of these programs’ versatility, you may decide for yourself how much and when to work.

13. Delivery of groceries

Grocery delivery is less specialized than food delivery. You can shop for groceries and deliver them to customers using services like Shipt and Instacart. Although the income is typically not as great, picking up people’s groceries is a steady and dependable way to earn money.

You should budget about $25 per hour in addition to tips. This has the benefit of saving you time because you may shop for many orders at once. Since you frequently have to wander up and down aisles to find products, it’s also a wonderful method to get those steps in.

14. Handle Package Delivery

If you’re searching for a flexible gig economy source of income, Amazon Flex is a viable option. You may pick up and deliver packages all across your city using Amazon’s on-demand delivery service. You will be paid between $18 and $25 per hour, and you will be in charge of your own taxes and car expenses.

Due to the requirement of passing a background check and having a trustworthy car, the registration process may be a little more involved. After getting accepted, you may set up a time to deliver packages for a significant chunk of dough, which can include everything from mail to big household items.

Wrap-Up of How to Make Money in an Hour

It is feasible to earn money in an hour. You can earn a little additional money by doing fast internet activities or by volunteering in your neighborhood. There are numerous methods to do this. Setting up your revenue stream, gaining experience, or applying for gigs could take some time up front, but the timetable is variable and relies on when you’re ready to get going and take initiative. You may create a successful side business or just make some extra money to spend whenever you have some free time if you’re creative and eager to take advantage of different chances.


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