How to Get Free 2024 Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon is the biggest internet retailer in the world. It’s likely that you have either made a purchase within the last year or are currently shopping on the internet. Some consumers shop on Amazon every month because of its affordability, accessibility, and ease of use.

What if you could get Amazon gift cards for free to use towards your purchases? Gift cards can be incredibly helpful on a website that offers almost everything, even though they aren’t quite the same as cash. Earning free Amazon gift cards is simple and can help you spend less money overall.

These are 11 useful methods for getting free Amazon gift cards via the internet!

1. Complete online surveys

One of the simplest ways to get free Amazon gift cards is to complete online surveys. Signing up for survey sites is free, and you can earn money by sharing your thoughts and experiences.

After you complete a survey, the majority of survey companies will award you with points. Gift cards, including Amazon gift cards, can be obtained by exchanging these points.

One worthwhile survey website to look into using is Survey Junkie. Simply filling up your profile will get you points, and when you reach 1,000 points, you’ll receive a $10 gift card. In addition to paid surveys, they provide chances for focus groups, product reviews, and behavioral research projects.

Another well-liked rewards program for obtaining free Amazon gift cards is Branded Surveys. It seeks survey respondents from the US, Canada, and the UK, and upon registration, new users are eligible to receive a 100 bonus point. You receive a certain number of points with each survey you complete using Branded Surveys. Then, you can exchange these points for free money via PayPal, Visa gift cards, and Amazon gift cards, of course.

This survey site also offers Visa prepaid cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, and other payment options. You can accrue points for every survey you complete with Ipsos iSay. Additionally, you can gain 100 points for every friend you recommend to the platform. The value of points in surveys varies, with 500 points worth $5 in incentives.

You may optimize your profits by completing surveys while on the road with the help of the mobile apps available on many of these sites. Frequently enrolling in surveys can enable you to receive complimentary Amazon gift cards every month.

A word of caution: it’s a good idea to create a different email account specifically for these activities, as you’ll receive a lot of emails when you sign up with these kinds of sites. Additionally, market research is not a smart option for you if you feel uncomfortable disclosing personal information about yourself, such as your date of birth, marital status, gender, and other facts.

2. Finish Quick Tasks 

Websites that offer quick tasks, such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints, are still well-liked and operational.

By performing brief tasks like playing games, taking surveys, buying online, and testing out offers, you may earn money with Swagbucks. Every activity you do will earn you SB points, and 500 points may be redeemed for $5 in prizes. Gift cards to the most well-known stores, eateries, and more are available on Swagbucks, including Amazon. Gift cards occasionally go on sale, allowing you to save money and redeem one for fewer points.

When new users join Swagbucks and earn 2,500 SB in the first 60 days, they can receive $10 in sign-up bonuses.

Similar services include getting paid to do surveys, read emails, play games, scan receipts, shop online, and more on InboxDollars. Signing up with InboxDollars gets you a $5 incentive. Before redeeming your reward or gift card the first time you pay out, you must have a minimum amount of $15. After that, all you’ll need in your account to cash out is $10.

Another website where you can get free Amazon gift cards is MyPoints. Here, you may get points for doing basic activities like playing games, completing surveys, buying online, and more! They also provide a $5 sign-up bonus that you may use once your email address has been verified. You will receive points for every task you finish, which you can exchange for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and eBay. You can also choose to exchange your points for a Visa gift card!

3. Make Use of Apps on Smartphones

You can get paid for scanning receipts, shopping online, mystery shopping, connecting your credit card, and scanning barcodes in retail establishments with a variety of rewards programs.

Receipt Hog is one such app. You may take pictures of your receipts with this app, and you’ll get paid a certain amount of money for each one you send in. You can also link your Amazon account directly, in which case you’ll immediately receive coins for every shopping trip. You can exchange these coins for PayPal cash, Visa prepaid cards, or free vouchers for Amazon gift cards. Referring friends to us might also result in slot bonus earnings.

Receipt Hog is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Shopkick, Ibotta, Dabbl, Mobee, and Fetch Rewards are a few more rewards apps.

4. Purchase Online

It’s now easier than ever to get cashback, especially when you shop online. You may locate coupons and get cashback on your purchases with the help of Rakuten. You’re sure to discover a great price because they collaborate with thousands of manufacturers.

The key to using Rakuten is to get the free browser extension. In this manner, Rakuten will automatically display the cashback alerts anytime you visit a website to shop or browse, ensuring that you don’t forget to activate them. Your remaining cashback is paid by Rakuten every quarter.

Make sure to utilize applications like Ibotta and Fetch when you go grocery or home goods shopping. You can search and claim rebate offers on the app. Simply carry on with your regular shopping after you’ve claimed a deal, and of course, purchase the item. After that, you can get cashback by scanning your receipt. These apps are available on Google Play and iTunes.

You receive cash payment from Rakuten, but you can use that cash to make more Amazon purchases or to purchase gift cards. You can spend your cashback earnings from Ibotta and Fetch directly toward cash or Amazon gift cards.

Web browsing is another simple way to earn free Amazon gift cards. We all utilize the internet, and by doing online term searches, you may be rewarded. The search function of Swagbucks is comparable to that of Google. Every time you use it, you’ll accrue points that you can add to your balance.

Another choice is Microsoft Rewards, commonly referred to as Bing Rewards. To continue earning points, log into your Microsoft account and conduct Bing searches. Every search will get you five points, which you can then use to enter sweepstakes and redeem gift cards for more prizes. It takes roughly 5,000 points in Microsoft prizes to get $5 in prizes.

Installing Nielson Computer & Mobile Panel’s software on your PC and mobile devices allows you to share your browser history. You will receive $60 a year in incentives for doing this, which include instant win gaming tokens, sweepstake entries, and gift cards from online merchants like Amazon or cash via PayPal or Visa. For further strategies to monetize your internet browsing, see this post.

6. Return Electronics for Exchange 

Do you own any outdated electronics, such as tablets, novels, or video games? Consider utilizing Amazon’s trade-in program, as they purchase your old electronics back. In the event that Amazon chooses to buy back your item, you will receive an Amazon gift card for the full purchase price and will need to mail the item to them. Along with the gift card, Amazon will give you a coupon to buy a brand-new gadget that is identical to the one you gave them.

To begin, go to the Amazon Trade-In page and fill out the facts about your item or gadget. To identify it, you might even be able to type in the barcode numbers. Amazon will quickly provide you with a quote for the item, at which point you may choose whether or not to sell it.

7. Make Use of an Amazon Service or Feature

Amazon is more than just a website for online shopping. In addition to coupons, they also provide photo storage facilities, video streaming, e-reading books and resources, and more. As an added benefit, you can receive a complimentary gift card if you require any of the other services that Amazon offers.

Free gift cards from Amazon are frequently given away, so be sure to keep an eye out. A free gift card to sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Photo Storage might be extended to you. Getting a free Amazon gift card won’t seem like a bonus if you need these services and intend to utilize them.

MTurk, often known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, is an additional method of obtaining complimentary Amazon gift cards. You can finish a wide range of quick jobs with the platform, including data entry, focus group studies, transcription, online research, editing, and more.

There is a wage rate for every project, and some of them really only pay pennies per job. Sort job prospects by salary to eliminate those that aren’t worth your time when looking for work. Earnings can be received in cash or Amazon gift cards by US citizens. The latter is the sole option available to users worldwide.

8. Check Web and App Content

Become a usability tester and earn free Amazon gift cards in another simple manner!

Businesses pay people to test their websites and apps for a variety of reasons, including user-friendliness and to make sure everything functions as intended. You may need to video yourself on a camera for certain website and app testing jobs so you can show the person what you see. In other cases, the user is asked to try an app or website and then record their impressions.

Ferpection is the first company you can look into. Depending on the intricacy of the test, they pay website and mobile app testers $5 to $20 (either cash via PayPal or an Amazon gift card).

You can also look into Respondent and User Interviews as other companies. Although some companies don’t directly sell Amazon gift cards, you can use the money you earn through PayPal to buy whatever Amazon products you desire. There are paid surveys, focus groups, and website testing gigs available on both of these sites.


9. Swap Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card for a restaurant, retail store, or other business that you don’t often visit? Next, sell your unused gift cards on a website like CardCash. They will give you a reasonable price, and you will receive 11% extra when you exchange rather than sell on their website, even though you won’t receive the full amount of the original gift card. Although Amazon gift cards are not available on CardCash’s website, you may still utilize your cash earnings to buy anything you want on Amazon by receiving your profits via check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

Raise is another website that sells gift cards; it offers Amazon gift cards for purchase. The procedure is the same with this platform, except the only payment options are PayPal and direct deposit. For a list of additional places where you may sell your unused gift cards, see this post.

10. Participate in Giveaways

By participating in online giveaways, you may be able to win free Amazon gift cards if you’re prepared to explore and spend a little time. There are always a ton of giveaways to enter because giveaways are a popular way for businesses to get new leads and consumers. Are you unsure of where to locate these purported freebies? Start your search on social media platforms such as Facebook, where a plethora of giveaway-focused groups exist. Consider perusing giveaway blogs such as Contest Girl, which solely feature announcements of brand-new contests that readers can participate. It’s not a sure thing, but trying to win free Amazon gift cards is a simple and cost-free way to attempt to score some free stuff online.

11. Get Benefits from Credit Cards

Using a credit card with rewards is another option to receive free Amazon gift cards. Users can get points for specific purchases made with credit card companies like Capital One and Chase. When you accumulate enough points, you may exchange them for gift cards from well-known stores like Amazon, cash, and trips. Naturally, you don’t want to utilize your credit card to obtain free Amazon gift cards at the expense of excessive debt and interest. Use your credit card wisely, paying off the debt each month after using it for regular expenses and purchases like groceries or gas. Your credit card usage and spending patterns will determine how much you can earn. Look around to see which credit card offers the most benefits for each dollar spent.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Overview

It’s now easy to get free Amazon gift cards! You may be able to obtain free Amazon gift cards each month using a variety of options and very little work or effort on your part. Receiving free Amazon gift cards can help you spend less money out of your wallet, whether you use the site to buy e-books for your Kindle or to buy regular products like groceries, toiletries, or pet food. Your options are virtually limitless when it comes to using your money for luxuries like jewelry, clothing, or home décor!

To start earning free Amazon shopping possibilities, choose one of these simple and cost-free chores to start with.

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